The Ark’Koshalarai is a small, stripped-down, heavily modified Arkkoshi gunboat.

She was decommissioned after being damaged in the Godhead War, and served as a courier airship for 135 years, after which it was purchased by Sarakai’Bolkhanakaz to serve as an independent light merchant and transport vessel.

Originally outfitted with a heavy armament of 12 bolt-throwers, six cannons, two forward ballistas, Six brass cannons, and a light ram, most of this armament has been stripped.

  • Type- Gunboat (Sloop)
  • Weight- 40 tons
  • Top speed- 80 M.p.h.
  • Cruising speed- 50 M.p.h.
  • Power- Three Lodestones
  • Keel length- 140 feet
  • Beam Length- 20 feet
  • Mast- 70 feet
  • Crew- 8
  • Armament- 1 light ram, 8 bolt-throwers, 2 ballistas, 2 cannons


Arkkohalarai Coyotero